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Digital products as a solution

Customized software solutions

Software solutions specially developed for customers and adapted to their needs, from plant controlling tools to infrastructure modules.

Sustainable benefit through product teams

At the initialization of each digital product, we simultaneously implement a customer-owned product team that accumulates expertise and delivers sustainable business value.

Competent product teams


Internal employees are empowered to become competent product teams and implement digital products together with us.


Depending on the need, we ensure appropriate support in any situation.

Key element sustainability

Lasting success

The implementation of product teams leads to a sustainable and effective digitization of your company.

Common initialization

We take our customers and employees with us when we initialize all digital products. In this way, we create agile and competent product teams together.

Innovation as a catalyst

Innovative product frameworks

Our developed and mature product frameworks are optimally adapted to German medium-sized businesses.

Efficient digitalization

Our products and approach are the catalyzer for faster and more targeted digitalization of your business.

At a glance: Our comprehensive solutions for an efficient, sustainable and creative future

Our digital products to transform your business


Discover the Supporthub, our ultimate solution to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence into your business and revolutionize the way you work. As your all-in-one digital assistant, Supporthub offers a wide range of AI capabilities, from text creation to multilingual translation. Maximize the efficiency of your business by using your corporate data securely and effectively, staying on top of the latest AI developments, and redefining your work processes with Supporthub.

Our tools, your time savings: automate instead of archive! Welcome the digital future of supplier surveys, where tedious Word documents and time-consuming manual processes are replaced by efficient tools from the M365 platform. With our innovative UseCase example, we show you how you can reduce your workload to a minimum, avoid errors and at the same time get a complete overview of your supplier data.

Your efficiency, our mission: The path to sustainable digitization. Our Power Platform Management tool enables you to master the challenges of decentralized development by providing a holistic overview and seamless control over your digital processes. Our integrated, user-friendly system minimizes duplication of effort, makes it easier to get started with projects, and responds quickly to potential errors by immediately informing responsible parties.

Moving away from arduous processes to creative solutions: We've revolutionized the product development process - from submitting a new product idea to launch - with our proprietary app interface that enables cloud-based collaboration and cross-app automation. Immerse yourself in a world of continuous improvement where feedback is integrated and transformed in real time to ensure long-term business success.

Cloudnative IT Transformation

Our cloudnative IT transformation takes your existing IT infrastructure to a future-proof cloud solution. We place great emphasis on involving people in this process and moving forward together. Our approach is based on four key levers: strategy, methodology, architecture and implementation. By changing processes and mindsets, we fully exploit the cloud's added value and create an optimized structure for your success.

Identity Management

With our central identity management and automated authorization management, we enable flexible connection of diverse IT systems. By mapping and automating business logics of enterprise identity management on the basis of Active Directory/Azure Active Directory, we increase efficiency and security. As your partner, we accompany you on this path to optimized IT management.

Agile for doers - agility trainings

With our expertise, we train your product teams to become true agile teams that work together effectively. No frills, but a clear way of working that enables more sustainable and efficient work. Through targeted improvements your teams will increase their productivity and achieve better results.

Zero Trust Security / Zero Trust Adoption Framework

The transformation to Zero Trust security architecture is a profound change in the IT landscape. This realignment requires more than just software updates, but rather far-sighted IT decisions. As your partner, we guide you through this complex process and ensure that each phase of the framework is successfully implemented.

online community

Microsoft 365 introduction

The introduction of M365 revolutionizes communication and collaboration through a wide range of applications such as Teams, Powerplatform, SharePoint, AAD, Exchange online. With our expertise, all IT infrastructure services and a standardized approach, we guarantee a smooth implementation that takes individual goals into account. We support you with commitment and vision on this path of digital modernization.


Data logistics platform

The establishment of a company-wide, unified and automated reporting landscape marks the step towards the transformation to a data-driven company. By collecting all company data in one place, valuable information can be generated from this data. This enables you to make profound decisions and establishes new opportunities for growth and increased efficiency.

IT strategy development

In a constantly changing business world, IT is evolving from a pure cost factor to a crucial business enabler. This requires a comprehensive redesign of the IT strategy. We actively support your company in all necessary steps, such as strategically deploying IT resources to drive innovation, increase efficiency and gain competitive advantage.

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