Your efficiency, our mission: The path to sustainable digitization

Power Platform Management

Your efficiency, our mission: The path to sustainable digitization

Power Platform Management

Our goal is always a sustainable process digitization that lasts. By implementing Microsoft 365 , we enable employees of medium-sized companies to play a significant role in digitalization and to take the design of digital processes into their own hands. It is undeniable that this decentralized form of developing applications and dashboards bears new challenges in addition to countless benefits. To meet these challenges, we have developed Power Platform Management.

The Microsoft Power Platform includes several tools that enable first-time users without programming skills to automate repetitive business processes or prepare complex data in Power BI dashboards in an easy and appealing way.

Power Platform Management Structure

Empowering employees in the transformation process has various advantages: On the one hand, the departments know their business processes and specific requirements best. 

On the other hand, digitization projects can be implemented quickly and independently in a decentralized manner. This approach quickly makes the volume of applications existing in the company difficult to manage - an employee leaves the company, a project is terminated, a business process changes. The amount of applications and Power BI dashboards that no one can manage or assign grows.

Example: Within the controlling department, business intelligence dashboards were developed independently and linked to dynamic data sources. Because there is no superordinate instance that systematically checks whether these links always function without errors, synchronization errors may not be noticed at first. In addition, there is often no overview of the contents of the various dashboards. As a result, identical data sources are prepared multiple times for different purposes or the same analyses are even created twice.

We have recognized this challenge and created a solution with the means of the M365 Platform: On the basis of SharePoint Online, we have developed an integrated tool with which the applications of the Power Platform can be constantly controlled and centrally managed.

As part of the so-called Power Platform Overview, the tool automatically collects information on all Power Platform applications existing in the company on a daily basis and displays it centrally in SharePoint in a clear overview.

Based on this representation, each process owner assigns the applications to their projects and processes. This results in a dashboard with the associated applications for each project. Because the process owner also adds explanatory descriptions and use cases to this dashboard, it also provides third parties with an uncomplicated introduction to the project and the associated applications. The authorizations of individual users for specific applications and dashboards are controlled very conveniently via the integrated identity management.

In general, the assignment of applications to projects and use cases helps to understand the interrelationships of different applications and to track down possible causes of errors in downstream process steps.The example of the controlling department makes it clear: Power Platform Management avoids duplication of work if existing dashboards, processes and data sources are used for new requests. 

In addition, in the event of an error, responsible persons are informed directly via push message in teams, so that a fast response time is definitely guaranteed. 

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