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In a continuously changing digital landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) represents the next evolutionary stage of digitization. It holds immense potential, including significant efficiency gains, but also new challenges. Our consulting approach aims to help your company make the most of AI while identifying forward-looking opportunities.

ai.ccelerating business.

Why should your company leverage the potential of AI instead of depending on it? The answer is simple: By using AI strategically, your company can not only reduce costs, but also drive innovation, open up new market potential and thus gain a sustainable competitive advantage. AI is not just a trend, but a lever for developing new, data-driven business models and strategies.

Our consulting approach enables your company a fast and sound entry into the world of AI. By identifying relevant use cases, we ensure that you make optimal use of artificial intelligence and that forward-looking opportunities are identified in your company. We combine in-depth AI knowledge with expertise in business processes and change management. We understand the challenges you face and offer tailored solutions to effectively integrate AI and solve your specific business problems.

Whether you are just starting out or already want to dive deeper into the AI world, just experts is here to help you unleash the full potential of AI for your business.

Customized AI solutions
Fast & Efficient Entry into the AI World
Levers for data-driven models
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Our versatile range of services

At just experts, we have developed the Supporthub, an advanced AI tool that provides your company with an ideal entry into the world of artificial intelligence. Our Supporthub is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams and offers you expert knowledge directly in your working environment at any time. Thanks to its flexibility and customizability, the Supporthub effortlessly keeps pace with the rapid development of AI technology and can be easily adapted to your company's specific requirements. With Supporthub, you can immediately experience the benefits of artificial intelligence and lay a solid foundation for more advanced AI strategies. It also helps your company identify relevant business cases. Learn more about the Supporthub here.

The meaningful use of corporate data offers enormous potential for increasing corporate value and optimizing operational processes. A solid data infrastructure is essential to efficiently collect, analyze and transform data into valuable knowledge. At the same time, the security and confidentiality of this data are of central importance in order not to jeopardize the trust of stakeholders. just experts supports you both in setting up the necessary infrastructure and in ensuring data protection.

We show your company how to use AI as a business enabler. Thanks to our expertise in processes and AI, we are well positioned to help select and validate the right AI tools to deliver the value you need.

Our AI strategy consulting helps you to successfully integrate AI into your corporate culture. Together, we develop customized strategies to exploit the full potential of AI and achieve your business goals. We always take into account the individual context and the specific needs of your company in order to optimally align the AI strategy with your business model and your growth targets.

The introduction of AI in companies brings new challenges: Different people and groups want to access new technologies, which can lead to administrative chaos and make change management much more difficult. This is where just experts Identity Management (IDM) comes in. IDM controls access to your company resources and forms the basis for the secure integration of AI systems. Assigning roles and specific authorizations to employees not only increases security, but also ensures consistent governance.

You want to set up your own AI department? We help you define the necessary roles, processes and tasks and guide you through the process of setting up the department to ensure long-term success. In addition, we help you train your team to ensure that the latest AI best practices and technologies are in place. Through our consulting process, your company will not only have a fully functional AI department, but also a team that is optimally prepared for the ever-evolving AI landscape.

If you want to start with AI projects immediately, we offer you our exclusive "Interim AI Department" service. Our experts develop ideas and projects with you and for you. We not only take care of the implementation, but also the steering, so that your AI vision becomes reality. In addition, through continuous evaluation and optimization, we ensure that the projects have maximum effectiveness and efficiency even after implementation. In this way, we ensure that your company exploits the full potential of AI right from the start and remains technologically up to date.

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