empowering people.

Organizational Intelligence

We transform companies into self-learning organizations
- from the inside out.

Unleash the full potential of digital collaboration and shape the workplace of the future with us. We enable you and your team to succeed in the ever-changing digital world. Together we will build the foundation of a self-learning organization.

Why digital transformation?

To do this, your employees need access to existing knowledge (transparency), space for creativity and the opportunity to incorporate generated knowledge and ideas into the company as easily as possible.
All of this requires a high degree of digitalization and an awareness among employees of their influence.
That's why we start with people when it comes to digital transformation. Together, we create structures and processes that have a positive impact on the entire organization.
The positive side effect: self-learning organizations are attractive employers and have a decisive advantage in the battle for the best talent - because they offer room for personal growth, a culture of innovation, personal responsibility and much more.

How does just experts support your digital transformation?

Using a wide range of analysis tools, training concepts and the integration of relevant solutions and communication platforms, we are at your side as a sparring partner. We help you to break down internal silos and enable communication and collaboration across locations, teams and departments.
In order to achieve our goal of a self-learning organization, we rely on the three basic building blocks of "New Work", "Empowerment" and "Change Management". This triad enables us to take a holistic approach to change processes in your company.

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New Work & Modern Workplace

We promote digital, effective collaboration and create the jobs of tomorrow.

Why do companies need a modern workplace?

A modern workplace offers easy access to information anytime and anywhere. This is achieved through structured data storage, transparent communication and the automation of repetitive processes such as regular reports, invoicing, employee onboarding or time recording. In this way, transaction costs in the procurement and provision of information can be reduced and cross-location and cross-departmental collaboration becomes not only possible, but efficient.

A modern workplace attracts and retains talent. In addition, flexibility and remote work allow brilliant minds to come together and foster new ideas.

How do you support your transformation to your modern workplace?

We focus on the three core components of effective collaboration: coordination, collaboration and communication.




True to our motto "empowering people", we enable your employees to find their way in the new digital world. Together, we lay the foundation for a self-learning organization.

The two central components of your transformation:


From the basics to digital excellence.

We focus on targeted knowledge transfer, train the trainer, exchange formats, knowledge management and the promotion of personal initiative. With our methods, we provide your employees with the resources and tools they need to act proactively and shape their own learning journeys.

In this way, our approach promotes a dynamic and self-motivated working culture that emphasizes continuous development.


We accompany you on your way into the future. We will show you ways in which you can exploit the potential of digitalization and look beyond the horizon together.

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Change management

Digitalization is a people business. We work with people, not machines.

We know the fears and uncertainties that often accompany digitalization and address them. We work closely with your team to ensure that no one is left behind on the path to digital transformation.

We support you as
Embedded Consultants your digital path.

We accompany you personally and directly to ensure that changes are not simply imposed, but implemented through joint evaluation and discussion. Through our approach, we promote a modern culture in which employees have the courage to ask questions and formulate and contribute their own ideas.

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We have what you need: Customized services for your vision

Navigate through the digital transformation, we are your compass

Strategy Consulting

designing future.

We design and understand the future strategy of our customers and adapt our actions accordingly.

AI Consulting

ai-ccelerating business.

Take your business to the next level with AI - from efficiency gains to innovative business models to sustainable competitive advantages; we'll show you the way.

Data Intelligence

changing perspective.

We create a cloud-based data infrastructure that ensures data logistics even in heterogeneous structures and from which every company can benefit.

IT Consulting

building foundations.

We are architects and implementers for the future IT structure of the digital enterprise, working with our customers to lay the foundation for digitization.

Business Consulting

delivering growth.

As a digital-first company with a lot of experience in finance and controlling, we pass on our experience for the optimization of corporate management.

Business & Process Solutions

bridging gaps.

With state-of-the-art applications, we create data-driven and sustainable solutions, always focusing on the overall context and added value for the strategic orientation of the organization.

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