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We support you and your company in the area of New Work:
  • Process and infrastructure analyses including identification of core challenges
  • Definition of objectives and requirements for processes and structures
  • Highlighting the options for designing processes, including cost-benefit analyses
  • Designing and optimizing individual structures for internal collaboration
  • Implementing quick wins in daily working methods
  • Digitization of process flows (low-code no-code with the power platform through to stand-alone software solutions)
  • Implementation of new digital structures (including SharePoint migration, expansion of SharePoint into a document management system, ...)
  • Joint definition of team guidelines (rules such as nomenclature, authorization logics, life cycle regulations, etc.)
  • Development of team structures based on the process and organizational structure as well as individual requirements
  • Implementation of solutions for the management of the newly established team structures and compliance with the team guidelines
      • Example: our IDM (authorization management with role-rights concept, life-cycle management, access review)
  • Development of company-wide communication concepts and roadmaps for the digital transformation
  • Evaluation and differentiation of various channels and tools
  • Requirements analysis and target definition for the introduction of an intranet solution
  • Support in the selection of tools and providers
  • Development of an individual intranet concept including information architecture, company-specific design and authorization structures
  • Development and introduction of a collaborative and intuitive intranet solution (especially with SharePoint Online)
  • Training employees to become content creators (technical & methodological). Content creators are selected individuals within your company who help to prepare relevant content and make it available to your employees via the intranet solution. We enable your content creators to handle the intranet platform technically. This includes, for example, dealing with release options for news articles and authorization settings for certain articles. Furthermore, we offer ongoing support in the sensible design and structuring of your intranet. 
  • Analyzing and clustering knowledge and sources with the helpof modern support tools
  • Development of company-wide knowledge management concepts including authorization concepts and global searchability
  • Identification and implementation of the best solutions for simple and structured storage of information
We support you and your company in the area of empowerment with expertise in a wide range of topics:
  • Microsoft 365 basics (focus on Teams & SharePoint) & best practices for end users
  • Deep Dives Microsoft 365 Tools (Office Apps, Planner, Forms, Bookings, Viva, etc.)
  • Microsoft Power Platform (Power Automate, Power Apps, Power Bi)
  • Self-organization / Digital workplace - how employees can organize themselves in the digital world
  • Collaborative working - how departments and project teams can organize themselves in the digital world
  • Prompt Engineering - how employees can get the most out of AI tools
  • Prompt templating - how departments can automate their processes with AI
  • Digital tools & methods for team leadership
  • Coaching for executives and management
  • Reverse mentoring - learning from digital natives
  • Tandem rollers and tandem guide
  • Agility basics - What is agility, agile values and basics
  • Agility frameworks & methods (Scrum Framework, Kanban, ...)
  • DevOps for agile project management
  • What is design thinking uand how can it be used?
  • Design thinking methods
  • Develop an understanding of the problem
  • Shaping idea development together with employees

Transformation projects are often blocked by people and are therefore doomed to failure. But why do people react to innovations in this way? The answer is: fear! The unknown is perceived by many people as a threat and leads to a decision: fight or flight.
In order to avoid fear reactions and other blockages, the unknown must be made known. That's why we work with you and your team to develop a change story based on your goals and visions. This 'story' is not a mere narrative, but rather an explanation of the WHY behind the desired transformations.
The change story highlights the motivations for change, presents arguments, presents alternatives and outlines the path and the end goal of the transformation. It creates clarity and security for your employees by conveying the purpose and direction of the changes and giving everyone a clear role.

We work more closely with dedicated individuals from your company to train them as change leaders. Change leaders bring drive and curiosity for digital topics and are positioned as trailblazers in the company. They bring new ideas to your company and act as a confidant and point of contact for their colleagues.

Through our targeted training, change leaders can combine their knowledge of the company with a newfound understanding of digital opportunities. As a result, they are able to build a bridge between both worlds. In close exchange with the change leaders, we adapt proven best practices of collaboration to the requirements of your company and evaluate modern tools and functions based on their applicability in your company.

By establishing a transparent change request management system, we enable your employees to contribute their own ideas and suggestions and thus actively shape the transformation of your company. 

This not only conveys appreciation, but also creates a channel through which ideas can be collected, evaluated and implemented.

Change does not happen overnight, but is a progressive process. We are your constant point of contact and supporter in this process.

As embedded consultants, we work closely with your employees and adapt the individual steps of digitalization to their needs in order to ensure optimal adaptation. Our proximity to the employees enables us to tailor the change process to the company's individual requirements. In addition to extensive usage and adoption analyses, we draw on modern concepts to evaluate the corporate culture and support its development. This enables us to continuously evaluate and adapt the change process to ensure that your organization is accompanied by us in the best possible way on the path to transformation.

Through a comprehensive understanding of the cultural aspects of your organization, we are able to develop targeted strategies that lead to profound and lasting change.

In cooperation with our strong partner, we carry out an in-depth analysis of the corporate culture. This enables us to recognize potential risks in the change process and at the same time identify existing strengths that can be further developed.

Employees' willingness to change is crucial for successful change.

Their precise recording makes it possible to identify and address potential resistance at an early stage, which creates the basis for a smooth and targeted change process. We measure the willingness to change within your company in order to make the change process more targeted and effective by taking into account the concerns and resistance of employees. See cultural analysis.

Video nuggets
We create short videos in which learning content is presented in a concise and understandable way. This allows employees to access the information according to their individual needs
We conduct (interactive) workshops on the topics relevant to you on site or virtually to meet all employees where they stand 
We present the content relevant to you in a weekly meeting and are your direct contact for questions and suggestions. This ensures a continuous learning process
Contributions & Content
We create content for webpages and/or your intranet to make information permanently accessible and retrievable
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Organizational Intelligence

empowering people.

Together with our employees, we transform companies into self-learning organizations and create the jobs of the future.

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